About Us

The Methodist Boys’ High School Alumni Association UK is the United Kingdom branch of a global group of ex-pupils of the Methodist Boys’ High School in Freetown Sierra Leone.

The Methodist Boys’ High School Global Network Initiative (GNI) comprises all constituent entities related to the governance, administration, management, and support of the Methodist Boys’ High School (MBHS) at Kissy Mess Mess, Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa. These entities include the school administration, the board of governors, all alumni associations across the world, Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Education Science and Technology, and the Sierra Leone Methodist Church Conference. In consultation, these stakeholders resolved to establish the MBHS Global Network Initiative to address the needs of the school in a structured, constructive, and visionary manner.

We recognize that our alma mater has seen immeasurable decline in infrastructure and academic standards during the last twenty-five years. The decline is due to many factors, including the eleven-year rebel war in Sierra Leone. We further recognize that the rebuilding of the MBHS lies squarely on the shoulders of its many alumni who desire to see the school return to its lost glory.


  1. Board of Governors
  2. School Administration comprising:
    1. Principals.
    2. Senior Teacher/s
  3. Head Boy / Senior Prefect
  4. Senior School Representative
  5. Junior School Representative
  6. MBHS OBA Freetown
  8. MBHS USA Branch comprising:
    1. MBHS OBA Washington DC Metro Chapter
    2. MBHS OBA Georgia chapter
    3. MBHS OBA New York/New Jersey chapter
  9. Government of Sierra Leone – Ministry of Education ,Science and Technology
  10. The Sierra Leone Methodist Church Conference
  11. Individual ex-pupils worldwide