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Nanette Johnson-Reid
Nanette Johnson-Reid

It is with great humility I write this message as President of the MBHS OBA UK, in its 28th year of existence.

It must seem like yesterday to the small group of male ex-Pupils who, in 1989, got together to set up an alumni association to support their alma mater in whatever way they could. Like the Founders of the School, they pioneered an Institution for posterity.

Since then, the numbers have grown and our support for the upkeep of our school has been unstinting. Working in collaboration with our MBHS Brothers and Sisters in the US and Sierra Leone, through the Global Network Initiative [GNI], we have taken great strides in improving the general outlook of the School, to make it a bit more appealing to the Pupils, staff and visitors to the School. The rebuilding of the perimeter wall has been completed, together with a new metal gate, with the lettering ‘MBHS’ in 3D.

Over the years, we have achieved many successes with our three annual fundraising events – our Thanksgiving Service, which is held on the Sunday nearest to the 6th of April, which is our Founder’s Day, our Dinner or Buffet Dances held on the second Saturday in May and, our now unbeatable, one of its kind Family Summer BBQ, held on the last Saturday in August.

We successfully launched the ‘2gether 4 MBHS‘ Fundraising Project at the Thanksgiving Service last year, when an appeal was made to ex-Pupils and Supporters to make pledges of any amount of £5 or more, on a one-off, monthly or annual basis. So far, this initiative has raised just over £5,000 and counting.


There is still lots more to be done to improve the general outlook of the School, its surrounds and the facilities therein. This can only be done with the help of you, the ex-Pupils. During your time at the MBHS, you must have benefitted from the tuition and nurturing care you received from dedicated Princpals and Teachers, to mould you into what you are today, to warrant your support to make it possible for us to leave a legacy for future generations to come.

I fervently pray that, as an Association of benefactors, we will continue to work together in harmony and understanding, in our delibrations and endeavours, to rebuild our alma mater to its former glory.

This is an appeal to all ex-Pupils out there. Come on in and be part of this august body of men and women, and do your bit for your School. The current Pupils are relying on you to give them a helping hand as they journey through their teenage years into adulthood. today and make a difference.

I cannot sign off this message without saying thank you. I say so to the Founding Members, Supporters and Friends of the MBHS, those Supporters who have served us over the years as Patrons, Receivers and MCs, other Associations and Organisations, especially the Ladies of he MGHS for their reciprocal support over the years, and, no least our family members for their unfailing support of the work we do. On behalf of every MBHS Member, I thank you from the bottom of our hearts and may God bless all of you.

Finally, to you the Members, especially Founding Members and particularly Mr Wilfred Morgan, whose personal contributiom of time and money cannot be matched, I say thank you and well done for the sacrifices you have made over the years and continue to make. May God bless you and those you love and may He enrich you with His bounty.

Laboramus Expectantes!!

Long live the MBHS!!

Long live the MBHS OBA!!

Nanette Jonnson-Reid

President MBHS OBA UK